Let Gem Insurance help keep your small business thriving

Bid Bonds
Contractors often participate in bidding to enhance the workflow of their company, and many trust their bid bonds to us. By having a smooth bidding process through Gem Agency you heighten the chances of future work by creating customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

Performance Bond
Ensuring customers with satisfaction through work or by compensation is important. When hiring a company for the first time reassurance through a performance bond increases the likeliness your company will be chosen to perform the work needed.

Utility Bond
When starting a business you incur overhead expenses that you will eventually have to fulfill. Many companies will not begin supplying utilities until a security deposit is in place. A utility bond may act in place of a security deposit aiding in your businesses initial start up.

Auto Dealer Bonds
We make it easy to meet the requirements of auto dealing. Auto Dealing bonds are required to ensure dealers operate by the terms of the state. Motor vehicle dealer bonds guarantee compliance with the law, and protect the public from wrongful actions of the dealer.

Permit Bonds
Being capable of working for a government sanctioning body such as a village, city or state agency can increase your company’s income drastically. Luckily you have easy access to permit bonds through Gem Agency to ensure the capability of these functions.

Looking for more help before you decide on what type of Bonds you need? Contact us, give us a call, or drop by to our Clinton office. We would love to speak with you.