Umbrella Insurance

You work hard for your assets and life is unpredictable. If, and hopefully not, when the unexpected happens you need coverage for these important things in your life. This is where Gem Agency can help. Personal Umbrella Insurance policies ensure coverage above the liability of other underlying policies and your assets and future earnings may be covered.Umbrella Insurance

Benefits to Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy

  • Protects you from claims that are not covered by your underlying policies. This can include Homeowners, Auto, and Recreational Vehicle Liability.
  • Policies may include defense costs and attorney fees relevant with claims against you which are covered by your Personal Umbrella Insurance policy but not by the primary policies your assets are covered by.
  • Coverage Typically Extends across all boarders all over the world

When the worst happens getting your life back and in order in a timely fashion is our goal at Gem Agency. Contact us for information on a personalized Umbrella insurance policy to protect you from the worst situations.

Looking for more help before you decide on Umbrella Insurance? Give us a call at 315-735-1771 or visit our office at 210 Utica Rd, Clinton, NY. We would love to speak with you.